This is my official plot idea for "Book 3 - Technical Difficulties"

Book 3 - Technical Difficulties

In Book 3, a young mechanic named Ryan finds himself on the infinity train with the assistance of his trusty creation, ROB-0T, and a shapeshifter named Maximus. He also finds himself on the run from one of his first designs, one that was stolen years ago - The Steward.


  • Ryan
  • ROB-0T
  • Maximus
  • The Steward
  • One-One
  • Various train car passengers and other characters on/out of the train


  1. "The Mechanics Car" - A young inventor named Ryan finds himself on the infinity train and starts his journey in a car closest to him, and then creates a helpful robot assistant.
  2. "The Superpowers Car" - Ryan and ROB-0T travel to the Superpowers Car, where they meet up with a shapeshifter named Maximus to help him defeat the bad guys.
  3. "The Failure Car" - Ryan is reminded of the inventions that didn't work and quit on, so he tries to turn them around and repair.
  4. "The Communications Car" - The team find the Communications Car and find out that ROB-0T was made with One-One's parts and they can contact the conductor, but the Steward tracks their location.
  5. "The Surprise Car" - The three travel to a car full of surprises, including one that makes Maximus pass out, and one that makes ROB-0T malfunction and turn against the team.
  6. "The Progress Car" - Ryan, along with his companians, enter the Progress Car to go through a series of events to lower Ryan's number, while ROB-0T tries to regain his connections and call One-One.
  7. "The Secrets Car" - Ryan finds that his team might be keeping secrets; they find out the Steward's plan to capture One-One and team up with Amelia to rule the train.
  8. "The Coal Car" - Heading to the Engine to save One-One, the three find themselves in the coal car, blocking the coal and stopping the train, causing chaos all around.
  9. "The True Hero Car" - With the robot powers of the reunioned ROB-0T and One-One, the shapeshifting powers of Maximus, and the mech skills of Ryan, the three face the Steward and Amelia for the last time.
  10. "The New Beginnings Car" - Before leaving the train, Ryan tries to see what he can repair with Amelia and her past so that she can escape the train.
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