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  • I was born on December 23
  • Henry Danger Fan

    This is my official plot idea for "Book 3 - Technical Difficulties"

    In Book 3, a young mechanic named Ryan finds himself on the infinity train with the assistance of his trusty creation, ROB-0T, and a shapeshifter named Maximus. He also finds himself on the run from one of his first designs, one that was stolen years ago - The Steward.

    • Ryan
    • ROB-0T
    • Maximus
    • The Steward
    • One-One
    • Various train car passengers and other characters on/out of the train

    1. "The Mechanics Car" - A young inventor named Ryan finds himself on the infinity train and starts his journey in a car closest to him, and then creates a helpful robot assistant.
    2. "The Superpowers Car" - Ryan and ROB-0T travel to the Superpowers Car, where they meet up with a shapeshifter named Maximus to help …

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