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Greetings Passenger! (updated: May 14th, 2021)

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Fan-cams (in development)


  1. The majority of the fan-cams on here do not have vulgar language presented. However the songs that were used may be NSFW due to their lyrics or music video. I hope you understand that I can not be responsible for what you will find online.
    • ex: STUPID by Ashnikko and The Less I Know The Better by Tame Impala.
  2. I might have made a mistake linking the re-shared versions of a few fan-cams. I have no idea if it will affect other twitter users but when I tried to re-share them myself they didn't work. I thought that if they were from the original poster the links would work, this probably means you need the original post instead. I'm so sorry if they don't work for you. πŸ™‡
  3. Another apology if the formatting for this blog is confusing and disorganized. I rushed myself trying to finish this before the April 29th tweet storm.

User Guide: How to embed someone's Twitter video without retweeting them  

Apologies for not writing my own user guide. I'm really burnt out and in a rush to share this blog before the 29th tweet storm happens.

  • If you are on the Twitter web browser make sure to add " /video/1 " at the end of the link and if there is " ?s=20 " delete it.
format: song - artist β—‹ @twitterhandle β—‹ label.
labels: spoil -major spoilers / lang -language / flag. -LGBTQ / flash -flashing lights  
  • Language ex: profanity(swearing) and vulgar message
    • most of these are because of profanity. I'm pretty sure only one of them is (an Amelia fan-cam) but it easily went over my head the first three times I watched it.
  • Major spoilers ex: book 3 final fight
  • LGBTQ flags ex: non binary Ryan
    • Most of these would be head canons, Lake's an allegory.

Many fans shared their fan cams to @thabigsokk and I'm too tired to see them all

[link] = fixing an issue


Main Characters:

Tulip Olsen


Jesse Cosay

Grace Monroe

Simon Laurent


Min-Gi Park

Ryan Akagi

Amelia Hughes

Denizen Companions/Supporting:



Alan Dracula





Shipping: (platonic or romantic it's up to you)

Jesslake - Jesse and Lake

Rymin - Ryan and Min-Gi