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Minisodes (known as The Train Documentaries) are shorts for Cartoon Network's Infinity Train. They premiered on October 18, 2019.

The shorts premiered online on Cartoon Network's website. These shorts focus around One-One, now reinstated as conductor, exploring new or overlooked cars from the main episodes. Each short has a hidden clue that leads to Book Two - Cracked Reflection.


Image Title Online premiere date No. in series No. in miniseason
The Green Car Thumbnail.PNG "The Green Car" October 18, 2019 10.1 1
One-One kicks off a series of train documentaries with a visit to The Green Car.
The Tiny Wizard Car Thumbnail.png "The Tiny Wizard Car" October 18, 2019 10.2 2
One-One provides a peek into daily life in the Tiny Wizard Car.
The Kaiju Car.png "The Kaiju Car" October 25, 2019 10.3 3
One-One is oblivious to the menace of The Kaiju Car.
The Tech Support Car.png "The Tech Support Car" October 25, 2019 10.4 4
One-One wants answers from a familiar salesman.
The Snow Car.png "The Snow Car" November 1, 2019 10.5 5
One-One explores a seemingly familiar winter themed car.
The Hill Car.png "The Hill Car" November 1, 2019 10.6 6
One-One connects with the peace and quiet of the Hill Car.
The Movie Theater Car.png "The Movie Theater Car" November 8, 2019 10.7 7
One-One is treated to the one-of-a-kind entertainment of the Movie Theater Car.
The Cross-Eyed Ducks Car.png "The Cross-Eyed Ducks Car" November 8, 2019 10.8 8
One-One shows off the resplendent majesty of The Cross-Eyed Ducks Car.
The Minecart Car.png "The Minecart Car" November 16, 2019 10.9 9
One-One rides a minecart to discover what mysteries lurk underground.
The Wedding Cake Car.png "The Wedding Cake Car" November 16, 2019 10.10 10
One-One gives train tips on top of a giant wedding cake.