Kidnap? Je ne serais jamais![1]

β€”"The Cat's Car"

The Cat is a traveling con artist who claims to know the Conductor. She is able to travel across the train cars in her personal shuttlecraft, attempting to sell seemingly useless items to the unsuspecting inhabitants in each car.


The Cat is a shrewd business-cat, always looking for opportunities to collect unique things and make sales, even of entirely useless items. Outside of her business schemes, her intentions are difficult to read: initially, she planned to deliver One-One to the Conductor and schemed with the Conductor to trap Tulip in her memory tape. However, as she later tells Tulip, she claims to always do the right thing, and indeed it is implied her plan to deliver One-One to the Engine was to help him regain control of the train from Amelia. She also genuinely cared about Tulip's safety, and even helped her get to the Engine to fight the Conductor; when she mistook MT for Tulip, she was initially worried that Tulip was still on the train.

Official Description

"She is a sly, shrewd, business-cat. A canny schemer. The cat is constantly thinking about how any situation about benefit her in some way. She cleverly tires to chesterate people on the train to her own benefit.

Her voice and speaking style sound educated and refined, almost a transatlantic/mid-Atlantic accent, but warm enough that you could believe whatever she's trying to sell you (though you definitely shouldn't)."

Official Personality Lines


My, my, my! This is truly a stressful situation for you my dear! Surely we can find some sort of arrangement for you to get off this train...

β€”reassuring with ulterior motive, [2]

No! My things! I'll do anything, but please, don't destroy my things!

β€”panicked, afraid, [2]

I'm proud of almost every choice I've ever made in my 9 lives, but falling in line with the conductor is not one of them.

β€”sincere for once, [2]


  • The Cat was given the name Kate Mulgrowl by a fan during a Reddit AMA, a pun and reference to her voice actor. The name was accepted by Owen Dennis, though the only official materials the name has appeared in at this point is several gifs by Cartoon Network that have been tagged with the name.
  • According to Owen Dennis, the writers made the decision early on that the Cat would use random French words, and simply assumed that Kate Mulgrew spoke French, only to realize they had no evidence for this claim. "Then she started recording and immediately said the most perfect french and we were like 'this is the most amazing thing we've ever seen.'"[3]
    • Ironically, at least one of the french sentences she says, "Je ne serais jamais" is an incorrect translation of "I would never". While grammatically correct, it doesn't really correspond to how a native french speaker would speak in this context and translates to "I would never be (missing unspecified thing)". One possibility is that this is derived from the similarly pronounced "Je n'oserais jamais", which would more fittingly translate to "I would never dare".


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