The Temple is a location where the corgis seek refuge when Corginia's river begins to flood (due to the monster).


In the pilot episode, Atticus, Tulip, One-One, and the corgis that inhabit Corginia seek protection in the temple when the river floods. It seems as the corgis have taken shelter there before, as Atticus seemed to think very quick about hiding in the temple.


It is a temple, in which the entrance is a dog-sized door (although it is seen that Tulip can fit through it quite easily). The ground is made up of large stone tiles with newspapers tossed all around the ground of the floor.

The temple hiding

Everyone hides out in the temple.

All the way up to the door, there are brick walls. However, above the bricks are blue walls, with paintings of corgis and a Latin proverb roughly translating to "May man be united among the small dogs forever." There are also large pillars around the walls.