Return to your seat!

β€”The Steward, as a demand towards Tulip.

The Steward[1] was a robot and the secondary antagonist of the first season of Infinity Train who debuted in the series pilot.


The Steward is an enigmatic robotic "creature" composed primarily of a white mask that has multiple tentacle-like cables that extend from it, with each ending in a three tipped claw. The mask is primarily white and resembles the face of a human with gray lips. Its mechanized nature becomes more apparent when the mask is removed, as behind it is an inner working of gears and a flame producing tube, akin to a flamethrower. It produces neon blue flames that seep out through the eyes of the mask. It has also been seen to produce barrels that shoot out bullets from its eyes.


The Steward, as evident from its name, is presumably the one responsible for ensuring that those aboard the Infinity Train remain in their designated train car. It is used by One-One in "The Tape Car" as an exo-suit and means of transportation, suggesting this is its intended purpose.


Due to its morphology, the Steward has extreme versatility in movement and in combat. Its cables allow it to have massive reach and long strides. The cables, though thin, pack a powerful punch, being able to flick Atticus to the side without effort. It can also use it to entangle opponents, as seen when it coiled around Tulip's ankle to prevent her from escaping. Each of the cables are tipped with three blade-like claws at the end. The Steward can also shoot bullets from barrels it can produce from behind its mask that protrudes through the eyes. It appears to follow commands based on a sequence of a four notes (the theme for the series), although it does not appear to matter where the song comes from as One-One and Amelia were able to command the Steward using it.


The Corgi Car

The presence of the Steward is first alluded to by Atticus, explaining that a monster has been terrorizing their nation for a week. On their quest to find it, they discover a spider making shadows that resemble the Steward and mistake the insect for the monstrous robot. Soon, however, the real Steward is discovered, managing the cores that determine the objects present in the car. One-One accidentally makes their presence known, causing it to open fire on the trio. Although it initially appears as if it has claimed Tulip, One-One falls out of her backpack, causing the Steward to end its attack and leave the car, likely reporting One-One to the Conductor.

The Cat's Car

The Steward appears only after Tulip and company have left the car that the Cat resides in. It grabs the Cat and questions where Tulip is, and is disappointed when the Cat explains that she had escaped the tape of memories and left. After warning The Cat not to not slip up again, it leaves while destroying her belongings.

The Ball Pit Car

It begins terrorizing the Ball Pit Car after Tulip clears Mr. Bottoms' trial. Tulip warns the plush rabbit and starts for the exit, though Atticus goes off on his own to destroy it, and it is alarmed to the presence of Tulip by the jelly toy she dropped. Destroying the slides and tunnels, it eventually captures Tulip, and the Cat and Conductor soon follow behind it. One-One flees after Tulip instructed him to, though the Steward shoots at the tunnel that he fled through, making it seem as if he was shot down and killed. Atticus attacks the Steward, though is quickly shot and mutated by the Conductor into a Ghom, the Steward leaving soon after.

The Engine

The Steward is seen deactivated in the episode, though the Conductor reactivates it to attack Tulip and stop One-One from making it to the head of the train. Atticus' Ghom form is released from the pipe it was trapped in, attacking the robotic order-keeping android. After Atticus is freed, he destroys the mask of the Steward which seemingly kills the android.

The Tape Car

The Steward is later revealed to have been rebuilt by One-One and he uses it as a suit.


  • It has the same voice actress as Tulip.
  • A steward/stewardess is a person that oversees the passengers of a given locomotive craft.
  • It was implied when Tulip hits the Steward in The Corgi Car that One-One could ride it.
  • The Steward very strongly resembles 'Satan' from animated adaptation of The Mysterious Stranger, an animated segment that Owen has claimed to have inspired Infinity Train.[2]


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