And nice to see you again, sliver.

Special Agent Mace, also known as a "Flec" (short for Reflection Police), is an enforcer in the mirror world who keeps the barrier between the prime world and the mirror world intact. He serves as one of the main antagonists of Book Two. In "The Wasteland," Mace was killed when Mirror Tulip kicks him into the Train's wheels, "wheeling him" as Grace would say.


It was stated that he used to be a reflection of a prime until they died and he became a mirror officer.


He is a ruthless mirror policeman that will go to any means possible to prevent rogue reflections, or "slivers," from escaping into the prime world.

Mace has been shown to be a bit more serious and aggressive than his partner Sieve. He is also a bit arrogant and snarky as shown with his interaction with Lake.


  • Metallic Bodies - Like all Mirror People, Mace is nearly indestructible. He could survive falls that would be fatal for an average human. However, they are susceptible to damage from train wheels as shown in his death.
  • Equipment
    • Skins - Agents have special suits which cover their bodies (particularly their face and hands) that allows them to leave and enter the mirror world at their leisure, to point that they can "teleport" between reflective surfaces. However, the suits are susceptible to tearing.
    • Sanders - Agents wield long sanders that are wielded similarly to tonfas, which are presumably used to grind Slivers into oblivion.
    • The Lawbreaker - A battery charged high tech laser with the ability to evenly cut through car doors.



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