SimonΒ is a passenger aboard theΒ Infinity TrainΒ who is second in command of the Apex. His number is one of the largest on the train, only third to Amelia and Grace. He is one of the secondary antagonists ofΒ Book Two - Cracked Reflection and is set to appear as a protagonist in Book Three.

Infinity Train

Book One - The Perennial Child

The Engine

His picture is seen on the monitor as Amelia Hughes looks for Tulip Olsen.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection

The Mall Car

He greets Jesse Cosay, M.T., and Alan Dracula when Grace brings them aboard. As M.T. berates the actions of other members of the Apex, he quickly tells her she and Alan Dracula are nothing and has them restrained. He watches as Sieve and Mace run after the two and Jesse exit the train.

The Wasteland

After Jesse leaves, he call him weak for it.

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor


Simon is a young adult of European decent with blonde hair tied into a ponytail and stubble on his chin. He wears a baggy white sweatshirt over a dark T-shirt and beige pants with the left leg ripped off at the knee. He also wears knee pads and and short brown boots.


Simon firmly believes in the Apex ideology, believing the train is theirs and the denizens are less then nothing.

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