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You've got a problem? I've got a solution! You can't save her if there's nothing to save!

—Sieve, ready to attack.

Agent Sieve, also known as a "Flec" (short for Reflection Police), is an enforcer in the mirror world who keeps the barrier between the prime world and the mirror world intact. He serves as one of the two main antagonists of Book Two. He died when Alan Dracula shoots his eye beams at him, causing Sieve to explode.


Not much is known about his history, but it may be related to Mace's, such as he used to be a reflection of a prime until they died and he became a mirror officer.

Book One - The Perennial Child

The Chrome Car

After a reflection starts acting independently from her prime, he and Mace are tasked with bringing in the prime, Tulip Olsen, as they reflection is to be sanded to dust. He goes into the prime world to stop the reflection if she escapes and fails when she leaves and his compromised suit keeps him from leaving.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection

The Black Market Car

After months of tracking down the rogue reflection, now going by M.T., they track her down to the Black Market Car. After various close calls, she escapes into the Family Tree Car and hides behind a deer. When he asks Mace if they should proceed, his partner points out that his suit is damaged and to turn back.

The Map Car

After the landscape of the Map Car becomes real, he and Mace corner her along with Jesse Cosay and Alan Dracula.

The Toad Car

Before they can arrest M.T., she and her companions escape to the Toad Car. He speaks with Jesse, trying to convince him to stand aside as they file down M.T. and give them a way in, as Mace goes to get something to break down the door. When Mace returns he stands aside as his partner breaks down the door. When it opens the three escape with the Toad, which they need to kick to get out, trapping them inside. He comforts Mace soon after.

The Mall Car

After Jesse goes against The Apex, Grace takes out a mirror to summon them to the Mall Car. As M.T. collapses in disbelief when she couldn’t follow Jesse off the train, he and Mace get ready finish her.

The Wasteland

He and Mace give chase to M.T. and Alan Dracula. While she uses a Harpoon Pack to toss him away, Mace manages to apprehend her. However a car is moving towards the two and they run. He watches in horror as Mace’s Lower half gets crushed.

The Number Car

After learning of Mace’s death, he tracks M.T. down to the Passenger Preparation Car and tries to kill her to avenge his partner. When she manages to get an exit, he tries to drag her back on the train. M.T. throws a clump of grass at him, and Alan Dracula vaporizes him.


He is a ruthless mirror policeman that will go to any means possible to prevent rogue reflections, or "slivers," from escaping into the prime world. But, he is a little more merciful then Mace when he tries to bring in Lake alive before he decides to kill her.

Sieve has shown to be rather manipulative, able to convince people in a peaceful manner.

He has a tight bond with Mace like he cares about him a lot as shown when he comforts him twice and attempts to kill Lake in order to avenge his death.


  • Metallic Bodies - Like all Mirror People, Sieve is nearly indestructible. He could survive falls that would be fatal for an average human. However, they are susceptible to damage from train wheels as shown with Special Agent Mace.
  • Equipment:
    • Skins - Agents have special suits that cover their bodies (particularly their face and hands), which allow them to leave and enter the mirror world at their leisure, to the point that they can "teleport" between reflective surfaces. However, the suits are susceptible to tearing.
    • Sanders - Agents wield long sanders that are wielded similarly to tonfas, which are presumably used to grind Slivers into oblivion.
    • The Lawbreaker - A battery charged high tech laser with the ability to evenly cut through car doors.


  • His car made a cameo in the short "The Snow Car."
  • Mace and Sieve were created at the request of Cartoon Network: the original script for "The Chrome Car" by Lindsay Katai featured nameless comic relief cops. The executives came back with the note that the episode needed higher stakes and more action, which led to the creation of the two characters.[1]
  • While Mace and Sieve generally take on the role of the "good cop/bad cop" trope, this did not necessarily translate from the writers' perspective. Katai considers them more "bad cop" (Mace) and "less-bad cop" (Sieve), while Justin Michael believes Sieve tries to live his life like the good cops of his favorite TV shows/movies, but he actually lacks any sort of moral conviction, which in some ways makes him worse than Mace.[2]


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