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Ryan Akagi is a passenger aboard the Infinity Train. He is accompanied by his best friend Min-Gi and denizen companion Kez throughout their journey in Book 4.


Ryan is a young adult of Japanese descent. He has long brown hair and red glasses.

Ryan's outfit before getting on the Infinity Train and after meeting the Steward in the Party Car consists of a leather jacket, a mossy green turtleneck, light blue ripped jeans and maroon ankle boots.

Ryan also brought his guitar with him and uses it for the rest of the season after episode 6.

His guitar strongly resembles Jack White's Airline. The guitar's case has various stickers on it including a dolphin, the province British Columbia, a raised fist, the title for his promo cassette "My Oeuvre", a razor blade, the Chicken Choice Judy mascot, and a lightning bolt.

From episodes 1-5 Ryan wears the One uniform that Amelia wore in Book 3 and the gravity shoes previously seen used by Simon. His uniform is a shade lighter than Min's.


Ryan is a free spirited young man with an almost single-minded passion for music, specifically guitar. He enjoys being with his childhood best friend Min-Gi Park, though they had grown distant as they had gotten older. Something of a "leap before you look" type of person Ryan is self-confident and tends to act mostly on instinct and emotion, for better or worse. He's also a big dreamer, wanting to have been a rock star from a young age and willing to put in the effort even when he doesn't always succeed, usually due to his shortsightedness.

Young Min-Gi and Ryan


Ryan was born in Powell Lake, British Columbia in 1966[1] and befriended Min-Gi Park, a boy who was in the incubator next to him. He aspired to be a musician and wrote songs with Min. As they grew up, Ryan still wanted to become a musician while Min was pushed to major in finances in university.

Ryan and Min both went to Powell Lake high school. At one point they went signed up for a Battle of the Band, Min arrived late and got him a shirt, but chickened out just as they were able to go on. After graduating in 1985, his dad gave him his van and he toured Canada as a solo act. He had various girlfriends but they never stayed together long, one of them was even given his van.

He returned to Powell Lake after booking a gig in New York City and wanted Min to join him. When Min refused, he stole Min's keys and lured him to the station. When they are in an empty car and he is able to go into the next car, a portal appears and he throws the keys in. Soon after they both enter.

Book Four - Duet

The Twin Tapes

He and Min are seen being processed before being dropped off in the Passenger Preparation Car.

The Iceberg Car

The Old West Car

The Pig Baby Car

The Astro Queue Car

The Party Car

The Art Gallery Car

The Mega Maze Car

The Castle Car

The Train to Nowhere


  • Ryan and Min-Gi are the first known case of two people boarding the train at the same time in the same place. He and Min also start with the same number (202).
  • Ryan and Min-Gi were accidentally revealed on an Instagram post about the crew yearbook.[2]
  • Ryan is inspired by Ryan Pequin, a former storyboard artist for the show.
    • He's also the inspiration for the character's Canadian origins, having grown up in Powell River, BC.
  • Ryan, like Min-Gi, was born in 1966 according to show creator, Owen Dennis. [3]
  • Ryan is the first known passenger to let an exit close on them before leaving the train.
  • It’s unclear the exact number of siblings Ryan has. However, in the first four minutes of episode 4x01, he is shown to have at least two older sisters and two younger brothers.


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