The switch is a balance, One-One. You have to be on both sides.

—Tulip, to One-One regarding the puzzle.

The Puzzle Car is a small train car featured in the pilot.


The car entirely consists of a small room, which appears to be nearly empty, apart from a few puzzles. It appears in the pilot, where One-One is unable to solve the scale puzzle. Tulip solves it very quickly, however. The scale activates a mechanism, that connects to pieces of a bridge together, and then drops a cube onto it, which then falls into a small compartment that opens up the door to the next car. A switch on the wall and white tiles on the floor suggest that several other puzzles had to be completed in the room as well.


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The puzzle car's interior.

The train car consists of a small room, with wooden walls and green wallpaper, with patterns on it. The floor consists of black and white square tiles, similarly to a chess board. Windows are seen on one side of the car, with red curtains, and a few lamps are lighting the room. A bridge has been put on the wall. However, it appears broken and is partly held up by duct tape. Loose tiles cover the floor and a lever can be seen on the wall.