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Atticus! Atticus, the river!

β€”The messenger corgi, warning Atticus of the flooding river.

The Messenger Corgi is a minor character who appeared in the pilot of Infinity Train. He is the only corgi other than Atticus to have any lines in Corginia. He warned Atticus of the flooding river, and then retreats to a safer area.

Role in Corginia

It is possible that this corgi is the messenger corgi in Corginia, as he is the one who informs Atticus of the possible attack from the monster, when the water begins to flood.


Messenger corgi 2

This corgi has the appearance of a typical Pembroke Welsh Corgi, having short stubby legs, a long body, erect ears, and a bushy tail.

Its fur is primarily golden yellow with brown fur layered on the top of the golden fur, with white fur that starts at his muzzle and spreads throughout the underside of his body.

This, however is not certain, as he may just be a citizen of Corginia. It is more likely that this corgi will never be given a name, or anymore lines.