No, it isn't fair, but it was an accident.

—Megan Olsen, "The Grid Car"

Megan Olsen is Tulip Olsen's mother, and the ex-wife of Andy Olsen.


Early life

At one point, Megan married a man named Andy and the two had a daughter together. However she was born with breathing difficulties but she “bounced back like a perennial flower” and she named her daughter Tulip.

While she cared for her daughter, Megan and Andy fought constantly and the two eventually divorced.

After the divorce she gain full or majority custody of Tulip with Andy having visitation rights.

Infinity Train

Book One - The Perennial Child

The Grid Car

While she is speaking on the phone with her ex-husband, she learns he can not take Tulip to Oshkosh game design camp due to a misunderstanding where she booked extra shifts at her workplace due to thinking her daughter would be gone. This prompts Tulip to storm away in anger.

The Cat's Car

She is seen in memories on Tulip’s tape.

The Engine

Seven months after Tulip leaves the train, she says goodbye to her daughter as Andy takes her to game design camp.


Megan is a grown woman with messy chin length blonde hair and a light complexion. She wears a maroon sweater, light blue Capri jeans, and brown shoes.


Megan is a caring mother but at the same time is easily frustrated.


  • Since she and Andy divorced, it is apparent that her life has been changed in a massive way.
    • This is hinted at in various photos of herself in the background of her scenes, as Megan is more brightly-colored in her old photos than she is at present.
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