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Megan's Residence is the house in which Tulip and her mother currently reside. Due to a hint in an Infinity Train teaser,[1] it is likely that this house is located in Minnesota.


The house is a one-story building with a light blue color, however, the left bottom of the home is covered with stone slabs. There are two windows on the left side of the house, indicating that there are two separate parallel rooms in that area. There is a white entrance door, and a white-colored garage door, with another window separating the two. The roof is dark gray, with a light amount of snow on the top, as well as a chimney.

Outside, there is a fair amount of different types of trees, and no visible neighbors or other houses. To the right of the house, there is a small statue of a bear, holding up a sign that reads "Olsen," which is the family's last name.


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