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The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of the Cartoon Network series, Infinity Train. The pilot was published on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel on November 2, 2016. It quickly gained popularity, and a cult following. It currently has over 4,700,000 views.

On February 11, 2017, Cartoon Network premiered the pilot on their channel at 6:00 in the morning. It gained 703,000 views. On March 9, 2018, it was confirmed that the series will be getting a full first season, which premiered on August 5, 2019 and aired through the week as a miniseries. Following the conclusion of "The Engine", it was announced a second season was in the works.

Pilot (2016)

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Slide 1.png Pilot November 2, 2016 (YouTube)
February 11, 2017 (TV)
0 0
Tulip must learn to set her personal interests aside to make her way through a mysterious train and help the king of all corgis save his people.

Book One - The Perennial Child (2019)

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
Grid Car.png "The Grid Car" July 20, 2019 (Online)
August 5, 2019 (TV)
1 1
Tulip, a headstrong 13-year-old girl, finds a mysterious train where every car contains its own universe.
The Beach Car 154.png "The Beach Car" August 5, 2019 2 2
Tulip strikes a deal with a cat in an attempt to get home, but is the price worth it?
The Corgi Car 074.png "The Corgi Car" August 6, 2019 3 3
Tulip and One-One explore a car full of Corgis and face off against a mysterious monster.
The Crystal Car 086.png "The Crystal Car" August 6, 2019 4 4
Tulip, Atticus and One-One enter a crystal forest car and have to take part in a musical ritual.
The Cat's Car 073.png "The Cat's Car" August 7, 2019 5 5
Tulip has to face her past.
The Unfinished Car 164.png "The Unfinished Car" August 7, 2019 6 6
The gang enters an unfinished train car and tries to fix it.
The Chrome Car 195.png "The Chrome Car" August 8, 2019 7 7
The gang meets a familiar face in a mirrored car.
The Ball Pit Car 072.png "The Ball Pit Car" August 8, 2019 8 8
The gang is confronted by a strange new force on a Ball Pit Car adventure.
The Past Car 145.png "The Past Car" August 9, 2019 9 9
Tulip takes a risk trusting an old foe.
The Engine 212.png "The Engine" August 9, 2019 10 10
Tulip makes it to the front of the train and is faced with a choice.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection (2020)

Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
The Black Market Car-1.png "The Black Market Car" January 1, 2020 (Online)
January 6, 2020 (TV)
11 1
Mirror Tulip tries to create a new life for herself outside the Mirror World.
The Family Tree Car.png "The Family Tree Car" January 6, 2020 12 2
Mirror Tulip and Jesse climb down a real live family tree.
The Map Car.png "The Map Car" January 7, 2020 13 3
Mirror Tulip tries to help Jesse get his number down.
The Toad Car.png "The Toad Car" January 7, 2020 14 4
Mirror Tulip and Jesse get stuck in a car and face an unusual dilemma.
The Parasite Car.png "The Parasite Car" January 8, 2020 15 5
Mirror Tulip and Jesse gain an unexpected companion.
The Lucky Cat Car.png "The Lucky Cat Car" January 8, 2020 16 6
Mirror Tulip and Jesse enter a carnival car and have to compete for the exit.
The Mall Car Thumbnail.png "The Mall Car" January 9, 2020 17 7
Someone mysterious invites Jesse and Mirror Tulip into a mall car.
The Wasteland Thumbnail.png "The Wasteland" January 9, 2020 18 8
Mirror Tulip finds herself in the wasteland outside the train.
The Tape Car.png "The Tape Car" January 10, 2020 19 9
Mirror Tulip searches for answers.
The Number Car.png "The Number Car" January 10, 2020 20 10
Mirror Tulip fights for her right to make her own choices.

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor (2020)

Image Title Premiere Date No. in series No. in season
The Musical Car.jpeg "The Musical Car" August 12th, 2020 (Sneak Peek)
August 13th, 2020 (HBO Max)
21 1
The kids of The Apex raid a musical car before descending on a village of unsuspecting turtles - but before they can complete their mission, leaders Grace and Simon are separated from the pack under mysterious circumstances.
The Jungle Car.jpeg "The Jungle Car" August 13th, 2020 22 2
Grace and Simon look on the bright side and hope that this will be like a mini-vacation from their responsibilities as leaders of The Apex.
The Debutante Ball Car.jpeg "The Debutante Ball Car" August 13th, 2020 23 3
The gang's uneasy alliance is tested by a challenge in their first car together: dancing in a high-stakes octopus debutante ball!
Le Chat Chalet Car.jpeg "Le Chat Chalet Car" August 13th, 2020 24 4
Stuck in a blizzard, the gang seeks shelter in a nearby cabin. But when Simon realizes who's inside, he frantically searches for a way out.
The Color Clock Car.jpeg "The Color Clock Car" August 13th, 2020 25 5
A giant, color-changing clock creates a shifting-maze puzzle that the gang has to solve before they can leave the car.
The Campfire Car.jpeg "The Campfire Car" August 20th, 2020 26 6
The Apex are just a car away! They're almost home! But first they have to make it through a forest full of pinecone camp counselors.
The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car.jpeg "The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car" August 20th, 2020 27 7
The gang finds themselves in a car full of golden winged snakes, but in that dusty landscape a mystery they're unprepared for awaits them.
The Hey Ho Whoa Car.jpeg "The Hey Ho Whoa Car" August 20th, 2020 28 8
In the seemingly innocent Hey Ho Whoa car, a shocking revelation rocks Grace and Simon's world. Will they be able to fix it before The Apex find out?
The Origami Car.jpeg "The Origami Car" August 27th, 2020 29 9
The gang is finally ready to meet The Apex again, but keeping secrets has consequences.
The New Apex.jpeg "The New Apex" August 27th, 2020 30 10
The gang reorders The Apex, but what will the new order be?

Book Four - Duet (2021)

Image Title Premiere Date No. in series No. in season
The Twin Tapes.png "The Twin Tapes" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 31 1
Min and Ryan’s lifelong friendship and creative partnership disintegrates.
The Iceberg Car.png "The Iceberg Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 32 2
Min and Ryan wake up on the train and meet Kez, a talking, floating concierge bell.
The Old West Car.png "The Old West Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 33 3
Ryan, Min, and Kez get thrown into an Old West jail.
The Pig Baby Car.png "The Pig Baby Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 34 4
Ryan, Min, and Kez have to make the perfect dessert for a very fussy baby.
The Astro Queue Car.png "The Astro Queue Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 35 5
The trio sneaks into a guarded nightclub astro tower.
The Party Car.png "The Party Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 36 6
If they want to move forward, Min and Ryan must play their first show together since splitting up the band.
The Art Gallery Car.png "The Art Gallery Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 37 7
The gang needs to escape from a haunted art museum.
The Mega Maze Car.png "The Mega Maze Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 38 8
While they accompany Kez to her home, Min and Ryan air their grievances with each other.
The Castle Car.png "The Castle Car" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 39 9
Ryan and Min finally meet Kez’s roommate.
The Train to Nowhere.png "The Train to Nowhere" April 15, 2021 (HBO Max) 40 10
Min and Ryan face a final challenge.

The Train Documentaries (2019)

Image Title Online premiere date No. in series No. in miniseason
The Green Car Thumbnail.PNG "The Green Car" October 18, 2019 10.1 1
One-One kicks off a series of train documentaries with a visit to The Green Car.
The Tiny Wizard Car Thumbnail.png "The Tiny Wizard Car" October 18, 2019 10.2 2
One-One provides a peek into daily life in the Tiny Wizard Car.
The Kaiju Car.png "The Kaiju Car" October 25, 2019 10.3 3
One-One is oblivious to the menace of The Kaiju Car.
The Tech Support Car.png "The Tech Support Car" October 25, 2019 10.4 4
One-One wants answers from a familiar salesman.
The Snow Car.png "The Snow Car" November 1, 2019 10.5 5
One-One explores a seemingly familiar winter themed car.
The Hill Car.png "The Hill Car" November 1, 2019 10.6 6
One-One connects with the peace and quiet of the Hill Car.
The Movie Theater Car.png "The Movie Theater Car" November 8, 2019 10.7 7
One-One is treated to the one-of-a-kind entertainment of the Movie Theater Car.
The Cross-Eyed Ducks Car.png "The Cross-Eyed Ducks Car" November 8, 2019 10.8 8
One-One shows off the resplendent majesty of The Cross-Eyed Ducks Car.
The Minecart Car.png "The Minecart Car" November 16, 2019 10.9 9
One-One rides a minecart to discover what mysteries lurk underground.
The Wedding Cake Car.png "The Wedding Cake Car" November 16, 2019 10.10 10
One-One gives train tips on top of a giant wedding cake.