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Remember that friend I told you about, Tulip? I used to reflect her, but I wanted to live my own life, make my own memories. That's against Mirror Law and, those Flecs have been chasing me ever since.

—Lake, explaining her past to Jesse.

Lake, formerly known as Mirror Tulip (also known as M.T.), is the main protagonist of Infinity Train Book Two, and is the mirror version of Tulip. She is a former denizen of the Infinity Train. She is referred to as a "sliver" or cracked reflection by the Mirror Police. Being a cracked reflection, she has developed her own personality that does not reflect the existence of Tulip. As a reflection, she needs to always be connected to a reflective surface, which Tulip is able to solve by using the metallic side of her Swiss army knife. This allows Mirror Tulip to stay in the "prime world" without trapping Tulip in the mirror world.

In Book 2, Lake uses her reflective body to reflect Jesse's number and leaves the Infinity Train with him.


When not reflecting Tulip, she has an appearance as metallic as the car that gave her a voice. Her hair, once long, was cut shorter after a narrow escape from the sanders of the mirror agents who threatened to kill her. Unlike Tulip, she doesn't need glasses to see properly. She also has a portion of Tulip's Swiss-army knife on her arm, allowing her to move freely in the prime world by having the mirror reflect on itself.

In Book Two, Lake makes further changes to her appearance. Upon removing her mirror clothing, she wears a bracelet that she created from a pen chain from the Pencil Bank Car that she spray-paints black to prevent the Flecs from finding her, grey jeans that stop above her ankles, a black shirt with ripped off sleeves and a heart-shaped hole below the torn collar, and brown work boots, one of which she hides Tulip's Swiss-army knife inside for safekeeping. She drilled piercings into both of her ears, and by using one of the train car's wheels, shaved off all her hair and a small part of her right eyebrow.


Lake tries to distinguish herself as much as possible from her Prime World counterpart. She's at first bitter about having to spend her life reflecting everything Tulip does, and has a dislike of coding (and onions) to completely contrast Tulip's love of it. She's also much more open about needing help than Tulip is, a trait which she calls out Tulip on. She also finds the Pencil Bank Car incredibly interesting, in contrast to Tulip finding it boring.

Lake Blushing

It shown in Book Two that Lake maintains a strong belief that everyone should be free to make their own choices. This displayed when Lake becomes angry after Jesse tries to come up with a name for Alan Dracula, without his consent.



The following information is from the pilot, not canon to the series. To see this text, hit the "Expand" link to the right.

Lake in the pilot.

Lake technically made her first cameo appearance in the pilot when Tulip visited the Fart Car. She can be seen on the reflective surface of the car.

Book One - The Perennial Child

The Grid Car

Lake initially made a brief cameo appearance in the series when Tulip and Mikayla both walked past a lake in a forest.

The Cat's Car

Although she does not make a physical appearance, Lake can be seen among Tulip's memories of her past as she is thrust out of her Memory Tapes.

The Chrome Car

In her debut episode as an actual character, Lake is initially the antagonist. First appearing as a normal reflection of Tulip, before she begins refusing to move as her prime counterpart does. This causes Tulip to briefly freak out, and Lake explains that to open the door to the next car, they must swap positions and open it together. After swapping (Lake appearing in her chromatic colors), they open the door, though Lake reveals that she conned the real Tulip and was only using her to open the door to the outside world. She explains that she hated having to do everything that Tulip wanted, wishing to make her own identity. Mirror One-One calls the Mirror Police on her, placing a bounty on her head. Tulip expresses that she doesn't wish any harm upon her mirror counterpart and decides to try and help her, and after using her friends to keep the police at bay, talks to Lake in an attempt to help calm her down. Lake, being bound to the reflective surfaces of the Chrome Car, cannot leave, and in her desperation begins berating Tulip about how reclusive she has been, never letting anyone talk to her about her issues, and even about how she herself is a "nobody" and "doesn't even have a name". Tulip is able to convince Lake that she can help her, swapping back to normal positions and letting Lake live in the prime world via her Swiss army knife's mirror, enabling her to escape the police and go to the next car. She, Tulip, and her companions end up in an accounting car full of sentient pencil people, which sparks an interest for accounting in Lake. She stays behind and bids Tulip farewell. From this point forwards, Tulip has no reflection.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection

The Black Market Car

Lake modifies her appearance and wanders the train, spray painting any reflective surface she sees. However, the flecs catch up to her in a black market car when a denizen holds up a magnifying glass. Fortunately, she loses them in an autumn forest-themed car with help from a deer that can camouflage itself, among other things. Two days later, she comes across a passenger named Jesse Cosay, who she berates for putting sunglasses on the deer and naming him "Alan Dracula" without his approval. As they fight, Alan Dracula falls through the floor, revealing they are on a giant tree.

The Family Tree Car

Lake flicks her finger at Jesse’s forehead in response to his antics, hurting him given her body’s chrome makeup. After scolding him, she tears out several thick branches and leaves from the hole Alan Dracula fell into. Jesse asks Lake if she has special metal strength. She denies this, saying that she doesn’t feel pain like him with his “squishy flesh.” Lake then jumps down the hole, landing on one of the limbs of the Gillicutty/Trundleshank Family Tree.

The Map Car

As they reach the Map Car, they are greeted by Marcel, a manifestation of the wind, who guides them on a quest to complete a map. Along the way she convinces Jesse to take the hard way to get the map in the hope of getting his number down. As they sail across a paper sea, which is non reflective, Jesse tells her how he was pressured to specialize in the butterfly stroke and was talked into giving up his spot so a senior could complete in state. The revelation causes Jesse’s number to go down.

They soon realize Marcel is moving them in circles to try and keep them in the car forever. Marcel creates a storm and blows them off course. They realize they can create their own piece of the map with a door, which Jesse does by drawing a door on a receipt he had in his pocket. The car then becomes real mountain scenery and soon, due to the paper water becoming real reflective water, the flecs find Lake once more.

The Toad Car

As they flee the flecs, she and Jesse get into an argument about her hiding her wanted status from him. They hide in a car that can only be opened by kicking a toad, and causing Jesse’s number to go up. She finds out how he got on the train as he plays a video on his phone, and subsequently smashes his phone to keep the flecs out. They agree to kick the toad as the flecs drill through the door. Alan Dracula kicks him for them and Jesse takes the toad, trapping the flecs in the car. As the toad hops away, they apologize.

The Parasite Car

As she and her companions wander through a car filled with giant flowers, they are startled when Alan Dracula starts to talk until they realize it is caused by a parasite named Perry. At first she is appalled by him, but eases up when she believes he is not hurting the deer. However, she and Jesse eventually catch onto Alan Dracula's attempts to eject him, and they free the deer before leaving Perry behind.

The Lucky Cat Car

As the three entire a car filled with hills, they find a giant lucky cat statue with a door and enter to find a carnival. They are approached by The Cat, who tells them they need a combined score of 1,000 to exit and must beat another player or be stuck in the car for a month. As they play, she notices Jesse is getting more points then her and she is told Passengers take priority over Denizens. After she storms off, Jesse goes after her and suggests they cheat to increase their score and promises to take her with him when he gets off, which causes his number to go down to 3. They manage to gain the 1000 points needed, but before they can cash in the prize, Alan Dracula gets himself stuck in a claw game and they rush to get him out. This gives their opponent the chance to cash in her points first, revealing who she is and letting in passengers storm the car. Their opponent, whose name is revealed to be Grace, then sees Jesse’s number and brings the three back to her headquarters.

The Mall Car

The three are taken to the Mall Car and introduced to The Apex, a group of passengers lead by Grace who try and get their numbers up as high as possible. When Jesse goes with Grace and other members of the Apex to inspect a new car, Lake sees two children harassing Alan Dracula and pulls them off. Simon, the lieutenant of the Apex, comes over and asks what is wrong. When she tells him, he simply says she is nothing and as she does not have a number and has the others restrain her and Alan Dracula.

When Jesse returns, he calls them off and refuses to abide by the Apex’s rules. As he does, Grace pulls out a mirror and the Mirror Police show up. In the process of fleeing, Jesse’s number reaches zero and he tries to take Lake with him through his exit. However, she is unable to leave due to her lack of a number, and he is forced to leave her behind. As she collapses on the ground after the exit closes, the flecs get ready to finish her off.

The Wasteland

She evades Mace and Sieve for a while before Mace cuffs her to himself. However, she and Mace are separated from Sieve when a car moves across the roof they are on. While she gets away unscathed, Mace’s lower half is crushed. They are met by Alan Dracula and the three wander away from the Infinity Train and into the surrounding Wasteland. As they walk, Mace mocks her for wanting to leave the train and says it is impossible as she does not have a number, and makes her doubt she can even blend in with humans if she ever does leave. In return, she calls him a coward for not wanting to have his memories wiped. This goes on until they cannot go any further from the train and are attacked by Ghoms. Alan Dracula shields them for a while until she uses the force tying them to the train to get back to it.

As they are near safety, Mace tries to take the both of them out. However, she turns the attack in her favor and grinds him to death on a wheel. She then starts to cry over her actions but is comforted by Alan Dracula and is determined to get a number and leave.

The Tape Car

She waits for a Passenger Transportation Pod to pass by and throws the passenger out of the pod and takes his place. The pod senses something is wrong and takes her to the Passenger Preparation Car to fix it. She falls asleep watching One-One’s welcome video and wakes up in the car. She makes her way to a room with film coming up from the floor and finds that they are Memory Tapes being made. She follows the passengers to a machine that gives them their numbers and tries to steal a girl’s number. To her horror, the laser just passes through her hand as if she wasn’t there. After destroying the robots in a fit of rage, the Steward arrives, piloted by One-One.

The Number Car

One-One recognizes her as Tulip’s reflection, and she retorts that she is her own person and deserves an exit. One-One points out that she, as a denizen, is designed to help passengers grow and get their numbers to zero. As One-One looks at the monitor to show her Jesse’s progress, it reveals that he is at zero but being processed. They find him in the “passenger farm” and find a memory tape. She watches the tape and realizes how scared he was, seeing their time together and what happened after his exit. After she wakes Jesse up, he is given another number, this time shifting between different irrational numbers and mathematical symbols, as his problem is that he wants to take a denizen from the train, something that is impossible. The train starts to collapse from the paradoxical nature of the problem.

Lake and her friends celebrating her freedom

Soon, Sieve arrives and tries desperately to kill her for killing Mace. After seeing Jesse’s number reflect on a nearby screen, she holds his hand up to hers to reflect it, giving herself a number, and One-One agrees to let her leave. As they go through the exit, Sieve grabs her leg and tries to pull her back into the train. However, she throws some grass at Alan Dracula, who vaporizes Sieve, and escapes. She is happy to be out of the train and is introduced to Jesse’s brother Nate. As she looks at her reflection in a nearby lake, she chooses the name Lake.

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor

The New Apex

Although she does not make a physical appearance, Lake and Jesse can be seen among Grace's memories of her past as she is thrust out of her Memory Tapes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Metallic Body - Like all Mirror People, Lake is near indestructible. She can survive falls and heavy strikes that would be considered fatal to an average human. This also gives her super strength, as she is able to chop and break through thick tree branches with her bare hands and crushed Jesse's phone without much effort. This is due to her body having more mass as a result of being made of metal.
  • Unnatural Weight - Lake is shown to be extremely heavy, the best example being one of the games she and Jesse play at the carnival in the Lucky Cat Car to reach a combined score of 1000 points. They end up in a weight game where the heaviest contender is the winner. Jesse is confident they'll win with Lake, she gives it a try and the two win, damaging the machine in the process.
  • Basic combat skills - Despite having no formal training, Lake is somewhat proficient at hand-to-hand combat, a requirement due to her status as a fugitive. This is first seen when she defeats a car full of anthropomorphic rabbits before changing her appearance, then later overpowers two members of The Apex who had been restraining her.


  • Mirror Dependency - Like all Mirror People, Lake cannot move freely in the Prime World without a reflective surface. Fortunately, Tulip solves this problem by giving Lake her Swiss-army knife's mirror.
  • Anti-Reflection Weaponry - The sander-like tonfas used by the flecs can potentially grind her down into nothing. This is first seen when Agent Mace cuts off a large portion of Lake's hair while attempting to kill her.


  • Owen Dennis once claimed on Twitter that she named herself "Gambit" after the X-Men character.[1]
  • Lake is the protagonist who would enjoy eating burnt toast the most. It is uncertain whether she can actually taste food, or if she is more of a texture person.[2]
  • Lake’s whole solid chromium body is very heavy, but she was lifted up out of the mirror world by Tulip who held her briefly, albeit under the strain of her counterpart’s weight. Later, Jesse Cosay would also have to muster enough strength to safely help Lake down from a tree branch.
  • Although it’s not known if Lake needs to eat, she often drools while asleep. She can also shed tears, implying that she likely requires water for hydration. However, it is not known how regularly she needs to drink. During her days on the run from the flecs, Lake most likely only drank water on rare occasions, as it is reflective and capable of being used by the Mirror Police to enter and catch her. When Lake did drink, she would have done so out of a dark non-reflective source or receptacle with very little light.
  • She is the first ever denizen of the train to get a number, by reflecting it from a passengers hand, and leave the train.
  • Lake's character journey, in trying to form her own identity and demanding to be recognized as her own person despite the labels everyone else gives her, has been interpreted by some viewers as an allegory for trans identity. Although Owen Dennis has not confirmed this interpretation (as a general rule of thumb, he avoids making extra-textual canon statements about the show), he alluded to an idea he wanted to include regarding gay or non-binary representation that he was forbidden from doing by the network. This was interpreted by various users to be a tacit confirmation of Lake's story as a trans allegory.[3]
  • An early outline for Book 2 would see Tulip's reflection (not yet Lake) take the role as a villainous protagonist in her quest to gain a number, coming into conflict with a passenger (possibly Jesse) for her actions. This was changed because the writers liked the character too much and felt she deserved to succeed.


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