Staff Bureaucrats Staff

Bureaucrats are senior editors. As well as being full Administrators, they have management abilities where they can grant limited user rights. Demotion of Bureaucrats is not done without a community discussion, unless absolutely necessary.

Bureaucrat Since: November 13, 2016
Contact: JosephTheElite


Staff Administrators Staff

Administrators are trusted editors, equipped with the tools to keep the wiki running smoothly. They can issue blocks to troublesome editors, revert vandalism using the rollback tool, and delete and move pages. They are authorized to use the tools at their disposal to deal with issues facing the wiki to the best of their ability.

Admin Since: November 30, 2016
Contact: AquaTerra7


Becoming an Administrator

If you wish to become an administrator, you are expected to fit the requirements below. If you have the requirements, put your name in the requests section and our staff will consider your request.

See Infinity Train Wiki: Staff Requirements for full list of requirements