Grace is a passenger aboard the Infinity Train who is the leader of a group of other passengers known as The Apex. She is the secondary antagonist of Book Two - Cracked Reflection and is set to appear as a protagonist in Book Three.

She is first seen as an image in "The Engine," where it is shown she has an extremely high number. She makes her first proper appearance in "The Lucky Cat Car."


Grace is a young African-American woman with short dark hair in dreadlocks. She has red markings on her face.

Her outfit is a pale orange top over a purple bra with grayish purple pants and pale red sneakers.

Her disguise consists of a black robe, a yellow mask, and grey gloves.


Due to arriving on the Train while it was under the control of Amelia, Grace believes that One-One is a usurper and maintains a twisted belief that the goal is not to bring your number down so you can exit the train, but to have the highest number possible. She also believes that the residents of the train are "nulls" ("not even zero"), and does not even believe they can think for themselves, demonstrating her Social Darwinistic beliefs. She tries and fails to manipulate Jesse into joining her group by, ironically, claiming that Lake is a bad influence.

Grace is shown to be sociopathic and amoral in her actions, justifying them by saying that she is a passenger and is entitled to get whatever she wants, and seems to be incapable of feeling remorse or guilt. She is charming and manipulative, recruiting hundreds of children on her side and brainwashes them into thinking bringing their numbers down and improving themselves is a weakness. She holds a delusional belief in worshiping the Conductor Amelia to the point of establishing a cult-like gang dedicated to her, and has no qualms in killing or using people just to get what she wants.


Book One - The Perennial Child

Grace only made a cameo along with Simon when Amelia was going through the passengers.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection

The Lucky Cat Car

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The Mall Car

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The Wasteland

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Book Three

Grace is set to appear alongside Simon, Hazel, Tuba, and presumably other Apex clan members in the third book of Infinity Train.

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