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Book Two - Cracked Reflection is the second season of the Cartoon Network series Infinity Train. It premiered on January 6, 2020.

Similar to how the show's first trailer was revealed, Book Two was formally revealed through Cartoon Network's website on November 22, 2019. The website would lead to a crane game. By leading the deer to the flower and capturing the deer, the new trailer would then play.[1]

On November 25, 2019, Owen Dennis revealed the season's full title in a tweet.

Cast and Crew

Voice Cast




Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
The Black Market Car-1.png "The Black Market Car" January 1, 2020 (Online)
January 6, 2020 (TV)
11 1
Mirror Tulip tries to create a new life for herself outside the Mirror World.
The Family Tree Car.png "The Family Tree Car" January 6, 2020 12 2
Mirror Tulip and Jesse climb down a real live family tree.
The Map Car.png "The Map Car" January 7, 2020 13 3
Mirror Tulip tries to help Jesse get his number down.
The Toad Car.png "The Toad Car" January 7, 2020 14 4
Mirror Tulip and Jesse get stuck in a car and face an unusual dilemma.
The Parasite Car.png "The Parasite Car" January 8, 2020 15 5
Mirror Tulip and Jesse gain an unexpected companion.
The Lucky Cat Car.png "The Lucky Cat Car" January 8, 2020 16 6
Mirror Tulip and Jesse enter a carnival car and have to compete for the exit.
The Mall Car Thumbnail.png "The Mall Car" January 9, 2020 17 7
Someone mysterious invites Jesse and Mirror Tulip into a mall car.
The Wasteland Thumbnail.png "The Wasteland" January 9, 2020 18 8
Mirror Tulip finds herself in the wasteland outside the train.
The Tape Car.png "The Tape Car" January 10, 2020 19 9
Mirror Tulip searches for answers.
The Number Car.png "The Number Car" January 10, 2020 20 10
Mirror Tulip fights for her right to make her own choices.



  • The date that the season's first trailer was available, November 22, 2019, is a reference to the day Tulip boarded the Infinity Train.[2]
  • According to Owen Dennis and Madeline Queripel, this season picks up approximately 2 months after Tulip left the train: by extension, this places it around 5 months before Book 1's epilogue.
  • Book Two was not part of the original series order: Cartoon Network originally ordered 10 ten-minute episodes, which the writing team fit the entire story they had planned into, only for the studio to reverse course and order an additional 10 for a full order of 20 episodes. Not wanting to push their original story further, the decision was made to turn the series into an anthology, with Book Two focusing on M.T.


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