Book Three - Cult of the Conductor is the third season of the Cartoon Network series Infinity Train. It will premiere August 13, 2020, on HBO Max.

During one of Apex’s routine scavenging missions Grace and Simon find themselves separated from their group, and they realize that they’ll have to rely on one another if they want a shot at actually surviving the train’s dangerous cars. Deadset as they are on clinging to Apex’s way of life, when they end up meeting Hazel, an optimistic young girl traversing the train with her gorilla friend Tuba, it isn’t long before Grace and Simon begin to realize that there might just be another way to survive and thrive on the Infinity Train that doesn’t revolve around getting over on others.[1]

The season's full title was revealed on the Infinity Train panel during Comic-Con@Home.[2]

Cast and Crew

Voice Cast



Image Title Original Airdate No. in series No. in season
TBA "TBA" August 13, 2020 (HBO Max) 21 1




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