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This article is about the train car. Did you mean the episode?

The Beach Car is a train car that appears in the episode "The Beach Car." It is inhabited by water-like creatures.



The Beach Car's entrance and exit are located on top of a series of grassy dunes. There are no trees on the dunes, but they are covered in dune grass. The dunes have no permanent inhabitants.


Below the dunes is a sandy yellow beach. In some places, they slope down and meet the beach gradually, whereas they are separated by low cliffs in other areas. Beyond the shore is a vast blue ocean.


The Water People live in a town below the surface of the sea. They can part the water if it is necessary, allowing non-water people to enter the town. The town's buildings have a stereotypical futuristic style, with hints of Mediterranean architecture, and are made of sandstone, with seaweed and coral growing on them. From what we have seen of the town, the part closest to shore is a marketplace.



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