Andy Olsen is Tulip's father. Andy recently divorced from Tulip's mother, Megan Olsen. In "The Grid Car," Andy disappoints Tulip by scheduling a work trip at the same time he was supposed to take her to game design camp in Oshkosh, prompting her to run away from her mother's house and discover the Infinity Train.


Early Life

Much of Andy’s early life is unknown, however he married a woman named Megan and the two had a daughter. While he cared for his daughter, Andy and Megan fought constantly and he would often sleep on the couch.

When there daughter was twelve or thirteen, the two divorced with him moving out of their home and his wife gaining full or majority custody of Tulip with him having visitation rights.

Infinity Train

Book One - The Perennial Child

The Grid Car

Andy is on the phone with his ex-wife talking about how he is unable to take Tulip to game design camp in Oshkosh due to getting the date he was supposed to take her wrong. Due to Megan scheduling work for the same time, Tulip is unable to go.

The Cat's Car

He is seen in Tulip’s memories on her tape.

The Engine

Seven months after Tulip gets off the infinity train, he finally takes her to game design camp.


Andi is a grown man with short chestnut brown hair and goatee. He tends to wear a blue baseball cap.


Andy is a caring father but also tends to have a short fuse.

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