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What I'm doing here is my job. I'm an inventor, an engineer, a snappy dresser, but I'm not your caretaker!


Amelia Hughes[1] is a human who boarded the Infinity Train following the death of her fiancé Alrick, and usurped One-One as The Conductor when he refused to make her a train car with Alrick in it. She was defeated by Tulip Olsen when the latter helped One-One reclaim his position as conductor. Now in her late 60s, Amelia works for One-One by fixing the mistakes she made on the train. She was the main antagonist of Book One, the tritagonist of Book Three and a recurring character in Book Four.


Amelia is a human female of medium build in a massive robotic suit. The suit, which is modified from the pod that she boarded the train with, has an oscilloscope-like display in its "eye" that oscillates whenever she speaks, using a voice changer that her husband Alrick created. She wears a hooded navy blue robe that is draped over her robot to conceal "his" identity.

In Book One, Amelia had her caramel brown hair braided in a pigtail with a gray coat, jeans, and snow boots.

In Book Three, Amelia's hair has been tied into a French braid. She wears a gray jumpsuit with a One-One logo on the right breast, a light gray tank top, a wristwatch on her left hand, a black belt with another One-One emblem as the buckle, and a black backpack for holding her gear. Her belt generates an invisible force field capable of blocking incoming attacks and repelling attackers, namely Simon. Her physical appearance depicts her to have very strong arms for a 60+ year old woman.

This jumpsuit/boiler suit/flight suit has uncommon design features: it has belt loops instead of the more common elastic waist band and a moto-zipper (diagonal zipper) instead of splitting down the middle. It has a fly that implies a zipper on the right side while the upper portion of the suit has a zipper on the left. There is also no overlap underneath the left and right breasts of the suit. The upper zipper seems to start at the base of the collar, not extend beyond it. The suit has what is presumably velcro straps in the neck and sleeves to adjust its fit, which suggests that the suit was not tailored for her.

In Book 1 and Book 4, during her youth, Amelia wears a brown shirt and a long black jeans and her hair is much shorter and lighter in color.


Initially kind and caring, Alrick's death and her time on the train had turned Amelia into a selfish, cold-hearted, callous person who didn't care about the needs and wants of other passengers and believed in escapism over coping. She would not hesitate to kill or harm anyone who stood in her way, mostly to set an example for Tulip and other passengers. This was shown when she ruthlessly neutralized and transformed Atticus by blasting him with her laser gun, and even threatening to kill the Cat if she disobeyed her orders. After her defeat, Amelia seems remorseful for her actions. Tulip encourages her to adapt to the changes in her life, and try to get her number to zero.

In Book Three, Amelia works with One-One to make amends and undo the mistakes she made on the train, though she still retains a certain degree of cynicism and a sarcastic personality. Although her number has begun to go down as a result of her efforts, she is apathetic to the changes as they pale in comparison to her large number. She also expresses a dislike of children, being openly condescending to Grace, Simon, and Hazel. Despite this, she is patient enough to explain how the train works, how her life goes, and maintaining a sense of humor such as laughing at the concept of being a "prisoner" to One-One, calling him "a little peanut".


Early Life

In her childhood, Amelia befriended a boy named Alrick Timmens who would cheer her up whenever something happened. The two eventually became romantically involved and were engaged. However, before they could wed, Alrick died suddenly and she was unable to cope with the loss. Shortly afterwards she encountered the Infinity Train on the roof of her old university and boarded it.

Book Four - Duet

Note: This is set before the events of Book One.

The Twin Tapes

When Amelia found the conductor, a small orb shaped robot named One in the Engine, he showed her the purpose of the Train by showing the process of two boys named Ryan Akagi and Min-Gi Park. Amelia was confused that One was processing the two boys at the same time, but One explained that his algorithm has determined that this was the best course of action, as anything can happen on the train, given enough time. As One sent the two boys off, Amelia asked what would happen if the two boys don't sort their problems out, to which One calmly claimed that they'll die.

The Party Car

Her voice is briefly heard through a Steward commending One on his decision of returning the passenger's belongings, though her remarks regarding this seem to imply that she coerced One in doing so.

The Castle Car

As time when on, Amelia begged One to create a car with Alrick in it. When he refused, she ripped him out of the engine and sent him to the Snow Car before taking his place as the new conductor. She then sent Stewards to all the passengers, including Ryan and Min-Gi, and tells them that they were "on their own now". She then removed the magnetic boots they were wearing before triggering the Stewards to explode.

Between Book One and Four

As the new conductor, she devoted the next thirty-three years of her life to trying to build a car that recreated her old life with Alrick, using her knowledge of technology to make the Steward help her collect power orbs from other cars to assist in her work. This course of action caused her numbers to go so high that they nearly covered her entire body. However, most of the cars she made only included elements of her old life, including their university, a phone booth they shared a memory in, and an absurd amount of turtles due to her memories of a handkerchief with a turtle design on it. Among the denizens she created during her efforts were Aloysius, who shared Alrick's voice and glasses, and Hazel, who bore Amelia's initial number of 337 and used British slang, as well as having some of Amelia's memories.

At one point seven years before the events of Book Three, a young passenger named Grace Monroe was being chased by The Steward, who was under Amelia's control, in the Pumpkin Car. Amelia called off the Steward and had it give her one of the car's power orbs, giving Grace a glimpse of the number on Amelia's arm. This led Grace to believe the goal of the train was to have the highest number, and formed the Apex as a group dedicated to achieving this goal.

Book One - The Perennial Child

The Cat's Car

Following the Cat's failed attempt to trap Tulip in her own memory tape, The Conductor had the Cat's car brought closer to the Engine for an interrogation. The Conductor did not communicate directly with the Cat, but instead had the Steward talk for her. Originally, The Conductor, hiding in the shadows, ordered the Steward to grab and squeeze the Cat close to death until the Cat reminded them that only she could bring the girl and the robot to them. The Conductor decides to let the Cat go, but with a warning as to not slip up again. Before departing the car, The Conductor ordered the Steward to destroy all of the Cat's belongings as part of their ultimatum, much to the Cat's horror.

The Ball Pit Car

In her "Conductor" guise, she appears after Tulip is found and grabbed by the Steward. She claims that the "death" of One-One and Atticus was her fault and that nobody would ever get hurt if everyone stayed put in their own cars. Believing that One-One was shot and demolished, she returns to the head of the train.

The Past Car

Amelia's younger self is shown in her memory tape, as presented by the Cat. Tulip initially deduces that Alrick is the Conductor. The tape shows how Amelia and Alrick began growing closer together, eventually marrying, though at some point Alrick was killed abruptly, driving Amelia mad with grief. She entered the Infinity Train, overthrew One-One and took over as the Conductor.

The Engine

Amelia tries to stop One-One from reclaiming the train and Tulip from escaping, battling her and telling her that she isn't the only one dealing with issues. Tulip tries convincing her to make healthier decisions to help her recover from her grief, but she refuses to listen, continuously trying to keep control. However, her suit is soon destroyed, and she is ejected from it as One-One gets the Infinity Train back in his control. She laments that she will never leave the train, as her number is incredibly high, but Tulip convinces her that she has a chance and should work to make it 0 again. She nods in agreement as Tulip leaves.

Book Two - Cracked Reflection

The Mall Car

Although she does not make an appearance, the consequences of Amelia's time as the Conductor come into play with Grace and her gang, the Apex. The Apex, having been on the train since before Tulip arrived, believe that Amelia is the true conductor and that One-One is a usurper, and drew the red oscillating eye that appeared on her "face" as a sign of their belief. They also believe that the goal of the train is to have the highest number and commit acts to bring their numbers higher.

Book Three - Cult of the Conductor

After One-One reclaimed his position as the conductor, Amelia sided with him to help undo the damage she did to the train. She set up an electric pulse designed to identify cars with her code in it (namely, the college campuses, phone booths, and an absurd number of turtles). Three weeks before the events of "The Campfire Car," the pulse malfunctioned and caused the train to start ejecting those cars. One-One sent her through the train to fix the problem and quarantine any cars with the code.

The Debutante Ball Car

Amelia is mentioned by Grace and Simon. When explaining to Hazel their view of the train, Simon describes Amelia, whom he believes is the true conductor, as "a man with a big black helmet with a red wave on it," and Grace recounts how Amelia once saved her life in a car.

The Campfire Car

Amelia passes by Grace, Simon, and Hazel while venturing between the Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car and the Campfire Car, although she ignores them. Upon noticing on her scanner that the car she just passed through has the corrupted code she was looking for, she immediately turns around and accuses the group of damaging the car.

The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes Car

Amelia proceeds to explain the work she's been doing and notifies to the gang that she was sent by One-One. As she discovers that the gang were "victims" of the ejected car, Amelia asks for details about the situation, asking if there were objects related to her creation and attempting to sort it out about why the pulse is malfunctioning. However, when Grace realizes Hazel is the code Amelia has been tracking, she persuades Simon and Hazel to flee. Amelia gives chase but loses them due to the flying snakes, and warns them the car will eventually be ejected.

When Simon meets up with the Cat and tells her about Amelia, she reacts negatively, recalling her history with the woman and remarking she has tried to kill her more than once.

The Hey Ho Whoa Car

Amelia saves Grace and Hazel from an ambush by a Golden Winged Snake and offers them a breakfast of eggs. As she is cooking eggs, Amelia explains the situation with the car and thanks Grace for cooperating, which causes her number to go down. Grace is worried about the number decrease, yet Amelia is indifferent given that her number is still extremely high. She notes her cooking skills are less than great, only for Hazel to point out to claim she makes the best pancakes. Amelia questions how Hazel would know this as they had just met, and comments that Hazel reminds her of Alrick. Noticing her sadness, Hazel hugs the woman and claims she likes her and that she's there for her, which she brushes off.

As Amelia exits the car with Grace and Hazel from the door, Simon rushes back and charges at her, believing that Amelia is dangerous, only to be bounced back by her sound shield generated from her belt. When Simon recognizes the belt's sine wave as the sign of the "true Conductor," Amelia finally puts two and two together before pulling out her voice changer and demonstrating it, revealing she is the Conductor whom Grace encountered, although she does not remember this event. They then make their way into the Hey Ho Whoa Car, where they need to wait for the puzzle to reset before continuing. As they wait, Amelia shares her story with the group, with Simon accusing her of lying the entire time. She also reveals the point of the train is for passengers to get their numbers to zero and leave. When Simon insists that she's wrong, Amelia mocks him for being like a child and not even considering he's wrong. An enraged Simon tries to attack her, but is blocked by the sound shield, with Amelia warning she will defend herself if he does not stop. Simon continues his attack while Grace begs him to stop, until the confrontation is interrupted by a screaming Hazel, who turns into a turtle again.

Amelia realizes Hazel is the anomaly she has been tracking and recognizes Hazel is one of her attempts to recreate Alrick, although she is unsure what exactly. Noting that any car with Hazel in it when the pulse hits would be ejected, she makes plans to quarantine Hazel.

The Origami Car

Amelia reluctant to take Hazel with her

The next day, Amelia makes eggs for the group while Grace requests Hazel remain with the Apex. However, Hazel rejects this and decides she will go with Amelia instead. Amelia expresses hesitance as she does not want to be a caretaker, but eventually agrees, noting she wishes to study Hazel. The group separate at the divide between cars to wait for the pulse, which eventually comes, sending Hazel and Amelia to an unknown part of the train.


Character sheet available at the Cartoon Network voice acting seminar at San Diego Comic-Con 2018 (includes early concept of the Conductor suit).

  • Amelia's lines in the Conductor suit are a mix of Lena Headey and Matthew Rhys's voices. In "The Ball Pit Car," Rhys's voice is played dominantly to hide Amelia's true identity, while Headey's voice is played more obviously in "The Engine" after the reveal. This is a similar method to that used to create the voice of Satan from "The Mysterious Stranger" segment of the 1985 film The Adventures of Mark Twain, which Owen Dennis has cited as a direct influence on Infinity Train: Satan was voiced by actors Michele Mariana and Wilber Vincent speaking simultaneously.
  • Owen Dennis has expressed interest in making a movie based on her story if given the opportunity.
  • At San Diego Comic-Con 2018, Cartoon Network hosted a voice acting seminar that included audition sides for Amelia, the Cat, and Randall for participants to read. The official description for Amelia was this: "Amelia is a mysterious woman in her late 60's, living in her robotic suit, trying hard to hold onto and rebuild a life she once lived. 30 years ago she suffered a great tragedy, throwing her into a spiral of sadness and anger, which pushed her to board the Infinity Train. She doesn't care about others or what they're going through, she is on a single-minded mission to restore her own past and will do whatever it takes to get it, never coming to terms with the impossible futility of this mission. She has a commanding authoritative voice, but deep down is terrified of her own morality and future."
    • The sides also included some lines of dialogue, none of which has been used in the show itself.
  1. (playful, humanizing) What kind of car does a crazy person drive? A LOCOmotive! Haha I'm sorry, that's simply awful.
  2. (idealistic) This train can do anything. We can live in perfection, free from the horrors of our lives forever!
  3. (spiteful, vindictive) You think you're so important, like you're the only person in the world who's ever felt loss before.
  • Although Infinity Train arguably does not have a main character due to its nature as an anthology, Amelia comes the closest to being the series protagonist. She does not appear in every season, but her actions in taking over the train have consequences that affect the storylines of all four seasons. Most significantly, it is her story that is repeatedly expanded on in each season: Book 1 shows the end of her reign and her backstory; Book 2 shows the consequences of her time in charge; Book 3 depicts her actions after she was defeated; and Book 4 hints at her actions prior to and during her takeover. Owen Dennis has confirmed the planned Book 5 was meant to be a film focusing on Amelia's takeover of the train, and that she and Hazel were slated to return in a later book.
  • The method Amelia used to control the Stewards during her reign as the False Conductor was based on phone phreaking.


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