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Alan Dracula is a deer companion of Jesse and Lake.

He plays a major role in Book Two, helping Jesse and Lake develop as friends and assisting them in getting off the train.


Alan Dracula is a White-tailed deer with reddish brown fur and antlers. With the ability to shapeshift, Alan has taken on many appearances, including other animals, objects, etc.

One of Alan's most unique features, differentiating him from the previous and preceding companions, are his eyes. He is the first and only one out of Atticus, Tuba and Kez who doesn't have simple, dot-shaped eyes. Instead, Alan has more detailed almond eyes with white highlights, making him seem more like a real deer.


While he may seem aloof, Alan Dracula is very loyal and protective of those he sees as friends.


Book Two - Cracked Reflection

The Black Market Car

When M.T. enters the Family Tree Car, he camouflages himself when she hides behind him from the Mirror Police. After they leave, he spends the next two days with M.T. until Jesse Cosay arrives. As the two of them argue about whose deer he is, he falls through the forest floor, which is revealed to be the top of a much larger tree.

The Family Tree Car

M.T. and Jesse find him eating leaves at the roots of the tree. He later carries them back to the top on his antlers.

The Map Car

He stays with M.T. as Jesse explores the Map Car. When they sail on a compass, he spins his head around during the ride.

The Toad Car

He helps M.T. and Jesse escape from the flecs and is lured out of the car with a leaf by M.T. As they shelter in the Toad Car, he turns his head into a paddle ball to pass the time, later transforming his body into pillows so M.T. and Jesse can sleep on him. As the flecs are breaking in, he kicks the toad to open the car door and they escape.

The Parasite Car

As the three travel through a car filled with flowers, Alan Dracula becomes infected with a parasite named Perry and tries to fight him off without success as Perry convinces Jesse and M.T. that they're in a symbiotic relationship now. The two eventually realize this is a lie and Alan Dracula has been trying to eject Perry; they help him out, leaving the parasite behind in the Food Pyramid Car.

The Lucky Cat Car

When the three find themselves in the Lucky Cat Car, Alan Dracula becomes fixated on eating the fake grass in the claw machine. He eventually gets inside by shrinking down to a small size and M.T. and Jesse frantically try to get him out by playing the claw game. When The Apex raid the car, he and the others are taken to their headquarters.

The Mall Car

When they enter the Mall Car, he is brought to the stables by some of the Apex. After M.T. finds and frees him, Simon orders them both to be thrown to the wheels, but Jesse intervenes. Soon after, Grace summons the flecs with a mirror and the trio runs away. Jesse’s number reaches zero and he departs the train, inadvertently leaving M.T. behind with Alan Dracula.

The Wasteland

He and M.T. run from the flecs, narrowly escaping being crushed by a wheel. He meets them in the Wasteland and carries a half-crushed Mace away from the train. The further they walk, the more they feel the pull of the train. He shields the two from attacking Ghoms and they head back to the train to escape. After M.T. kills Mace, he comforts her.

The Tape Car

After M.T. hijacks a Passenger Transportation Pod, he turns into a half-deer, half-spider monster to scare away the man inside. He then turns into a hood ornament until they reach the Passenger Preparation Car. When they arrive, they find a field of passengers, and they are separated when M.T. sinks into the floor.

The Number Car

M.T. and Alan Dracula reunite after she and One-One discover Jesse has returned to the train. When Sieve is trying to drag M.T. back onto the train, she tosses some grass to get the deer's attention and he vaporizes the flec by shooting laser beams from his eyes. After they leave, he is sent back to his car by One-One.

Powers and Abilities

Alan Dracula is shown to have a variety of strange powers. In an official AMA he was stated to have "every single super power."[1]

  • Color Manipulation - Alan Dracula is shown to be able to change his color. This is seen when he changes his color from reddish brown to blue.
    • Camouflage - As an extension of his color powers, Alan Dracula's body is able to blend into the background, allowing others to use him for cover.
  • Elasticity - Alan Dracula is able to stretch his body to great lengths. This is shown when he stretched his neck in order to reach some leaves high up in a tree branch.
    • Size Manipulation - Alan Dracula can change his size at will.
    • Limb Expansion - Alan Dracula can expand his limbs.
  • Laser Eyes - Alan Dracula is able to shoot purple laser beams out of his eyes. This is usually triggered when he is offered grass to eat.
  • Invulnerability - Alan Dracula is shown to be seemingly invulnerable. This is seen when he falls down a tree and later electrocutes himself, all the while not showing any signs of discomfort.
  • Sucker Protrusion - Alan Dracula can turn his hooves into rainbow colored suction cups, which he uses to scale surfaces.
  • Shape-shifting - Alan Dracula can shape-shift into any conceivable form. This is shown when he turns his head into a paddleball, turns himself into a pickle jar, hood ornament, and a snake, and when he turns his whole body into pillows.
  • Mental Projection - Alan Dracula can project his thoughts for others to see.
  • Thermal Manipulation - Alan Dracula can increase his body temperature with no strain.
  • Electrokinesis - Alan Dracula can shock himself for various effects.
  • Teleporting - Alan Dracula can teleport himself in a red light.
  • Ice Breath - Alan Dracula can shoot icy wind out of his nostrils when he sneezes.
  • Enhanced Breath - Alan Dracula has breath that is stronger than average.
  • Self-Detonation - Alan Dracula can explode and reform himself at will.
  • Spherical Form - Alan Dracula can turn his body into various spheres.
  • Shield Construction - Alan Dracula can grow his antlers out to form a protective ball around himself and others.
  • Jet Propulsion - Alan Dracula can propel himself into the air like a rocket.
  • Cranial Rotation - Alan Dracula can spin his head at rapid speeds without breaking his own neck. This power can also be used as a way to propel rafts.


  • Alan is the first and only companion to the main characters who does not have a voice actor/speaking role in the series.
  • Alan Dracula seems to have accepted the name that Jesse gave him. This is seen when he turns into a pickle jar, as the label says "Alan Dracula Pickles".
  • The writers room came up with the name "Alan Dracula" by chance; two writers simultaneously said "Alan" and "Dracula" when trying to name him and they thought the two names combined were perfect.
  • At one point, Alan Dracula was planned to appear in Book 4's "The Party Car", where Min-Gi would have tried to change under a table, only for the table to transform into Alan Dracula and walk away, leaving Min-Gi in his underwear in the middle of the party.[2]


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