Alan Dracula is a deer companion of Jesse and Lake.


Book Two - Cracked Reflection

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The Family Tree Car

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The Lucky Cat Car


Alan Dracula is a deer with reddish brown fur and antlers.

Powers and Abilities

Alan Dracula has displayed itself to have a variety of strange powers. In an official AMA he was stated to have "every single super power."[1]

  • Color Manipulation - Alan Dracula is shown to be able to change its color. This is seen when it changes its color from reddish brown to blue.
    • Camouflage - As an extension of its color powers, Alan Dracula's body is able to blend into the background, allowing others to use it for cover.
  • Elasticity - Alan Dracula is able to stretch its body to great lengths. This is shown when it stretched its neck, in order to reach some leaves high up in a tree branch.
  • Laser Eyes - Alan Dracula is able to shoot purple laser beams out of its eyes.
  • Invulnerability - Alan Dracula is shown to be seemingly invulnerable. This is seen when it falls down a tree and when it electrocutes itself, all the while not showing any signs of discomfort.
  • Sucker Protrusion - Alan Dracula can turn its hooves into rainbow colored suction cups which it uses to scale surfaces.
  • Shape-shifting - Alan Dracula can shape-shift into any conceivable form. This is shown when it turns its head into a paddleball, turns itself into a pickle jar and a hood ornament and when it turns its whole body into pillows.
  • Size Manipulation - Alan Dracula can change its size at will.
    • Limb Expansion
  • Mental Projection
  • Thermal Manipulation - Alan Dracula can increase its body temperature with no strain.
  • Electrokinesis - Alan Dracula can shock itself for various effects.
  • Teleporting - Alan Dracula can teleport itself in a red light.
  • Ice Breath - Alan Dracula can shoot icy wind out of its nostrils when it sneezes.
  • Enhanced Breath
  • Self-Detonation
  • Spherical Form
  • Shield Construction
  • Jet Propulsion


  • Alan Dracula seems to have accepted the name that Jesse gave it. This seen when it turns into a pickle jar, its label says "Alan Dracula Pickles."


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